Empowering Black Women Conference 2020

Empowering Black Women Conference 2020
Nov 14, 9:00 AM
Online Event


Develop. Advance. Promote.


Save the date for the Empowering Black Women Conference - where women come to learn and grow:

  • Develop your career with access to the quality resources and training.

  • Advance professionally. This is the place where you can advocate, engage and take action.

  • And promote the importance of helping each other

  • We are planning:

  • Numerous sessions

  • Access to professional development during the conference day

  • Inspiring keynote and relevant education sessions

  • Virtual group discussions and networking

  • Vendors featuring products & services 

EmpoweHERment Luncheon programOur Award Luncheon recognizes Black Career Women working in excellence, serving and supporting other women while continuing to reach new levels in their careers. These women uplift their sisters and continue to work with a driven focus to achieve success, be a role model, impact their communities and creating #BlackGirlMagic!


There's no better place to demonstrate your commitment to the advocacy of black women by updating your skills, enhancing your knowledge, and broadening your horizons—all in one very special place!


Our Purpose

Career Empowerment is our focus and helping YOU thrive professionally is our purpose. 

We Believe...........

  • Whether you are in an entry-level, an entrepreneur, all of us are Black Career Women.

  • Career Empowerment begins when you gain clarity of who you are professionally and believing in the value of your worth.

  • In changing the perceptions and stereotypes of how Black Women are perceived in and out of the workplace.

  • In pulling back the layers of fear and negative self-beliefs to build confidence that you can define your own career path.

  • In talking about challenging workplace issues that can delay you from reaching your full potential.


Who should attend?

This conference is for all black women no matter what career level. It’s designed to elevate, empower and equip you to reach your next level of success by offering solutions and relevant tools that address challenges important to black women in the workplace and small business while empowering you to positively impact and influence other women within your network.  


Why this Conference is important.

Black Women continue to be the #1 group to obtain higher education and excel in entrepreneurship, influencing generations of young black women. We are excelling however, we still have barriers to break and biases to overcome. Therefore, sharing our stories, learning how to navigate the workplace, balancing our day jobs with our side hustles, mentoring and supporting each other while managing our careers is important. All of these are critical elements needed so we can thrive and achieve our desired level of success which is imperative for the legacies we leave behind.

Whether you're aspiring to climb the corporate ladder or a working professional seeking inspiration on how to make your next career move or build a side hustle, you don't want to miss this year's conference.



This year's conference will be virtual, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network virtually with peers 

  • Gain career, business and personal insights from accomplished and influential women.

  • Address relevant issues that impact Black Women, professionally,  personally and spiritually.

  • Attend Mastermind Sessions virtually to help you LEVEL UP! 


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